What is and what is and How does that work the homestaging?

4 May 2017

It is interesting to find a tool to help you sell your home in the Costa blanca.

Mevilla real estate finds the best strategy for selling your property in Spain

Home Staging refers to preparing the house to be sold or rented and to draw the attention of potential buyers.

In a market survey conducted in Spain, 50% of respondents thought that Home Staging could be the first step that facilitates the sale or rental of a property.

The photos and the general appearance of a property for sale are decisive factors in order to speed up the sale or rental of a property, preparing and decorating it as if there were a family living there with the objective that potential buyers can visualize themselves living and using spaces Of that particular property.

It consists of doing a "facelift", a minimal reform to make the property more attractive. The idea of homestation is to make it fast and at a minimal cost to you as an owner.

If done well, it represents a minimum investment that, after all, will highlight the maximum possibilities of the property so that the future buyer or lessee is made, on a first visit, an optimal idea of the distribution of spaces.

Matthieu Bouchon, head of BCN Home Staging, says:

"The real estate sector is in full revolution and new methods are imposed. Home Staging is one of them: taking care of the aesthetic presentation of a house, preparing it in a certain way, using decoration resources, to make it more attractive and thus sell or rent it faster.

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