Excellent beaches for the disabled

30 Aug 2019


There are several beaches of Orihuela Costa under renovations to make the stay more comfortable and easy for disabled people. This is all thanks to a lady named Carmen Diaz, president of the Orihuela barrier-free association, who struggles to make things more comfortable for everyone. We have had a citation with her and thanks to this we can offer better information about our beaches in this new perspective.

Cala capitan beach

This beach is equipped with many improvements such as a walkway, a free bathroom adapted to everyone's needs, and a very efficient lifeguard wanting to help others, in addition to a pergola located at the perfect point of the beach to be able to relax but not being isolated from the world.

La Zenia Beach
This beach also has good accessibility and a pergola, but in the matter of orientation it is not as flattering as in Cala Capitan beach. Unlike that of Cala Capitan, it is too isolated from everything, so you feel very alone and uncomfortable in this place.
And last but not least

Campoamor beach

This beach is very similar with Cala Capitan, so I would describe it as perfect, as the other two.
So if you want to have a day at the beach without many accidents we meaning all of us Mevilla would advise one of these three beaches located less than 5 minutes by car from each other.
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