Tips for your electricity contract and how to safe from the beginning

2 Jun 2020

How to safe money on electricity bills in Spain

Once you have signed for the new property you will become responsable for the electricity bill which comes every month.
Our team will change the contract for you and ensure the ahssle free direct debit from your account if you wish.
There are many companies offering different plans and opportunities for saving money on your electricity bill.

The simpliest way is to calculate the consumption you might do at most and adapt the contracted power supply to you needs. A lower power supply comes with a lower minimum base fee that is to be paid wether you use any electricity or not. Should you use more then contracted your fuse will automatically trigger and you should adapt your usage maybe by not running the oven, all A/C units and the washing machine at once.

Other options on saving money would be by choosing a different electricty supplier. Commonly the team of Mevilla after sales will change to the mayor and dominat priovider which is Iberdrola as supllier here but there are several other big copmanies which all seel the kw/h at slightly different prices.

If you really want to fine tune you cna choose hourly rates by which the price per kw/h vary each day depending on the amount of demand there is in general. Being the kw/h cheaper when the demand is lower and vice versa. You could then adapt the usage of your most energy intensive white goods during the cheaper hours of the day. Of course it is an option which implicates quiet a input of daily checking from your side.

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