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Mevilla was founded in 1999 by Olaf Kunigk and María Luisa Carnicero Marcos as a family business. Led by Mr. Kunigk, Mevilla has become a benchmark in the luxury real estate market in Orihuela Costa and its surroundings. Mr. Kunigk possesses many talents, notably his exceptional people skills. His ability to understand, motivate, and inspire others is recognized by everyone who knows him.

Over the following years, Mevilla's managers participated in some of the most significant sales transactions in the market, as well as in the management of mansion renovation projects. These experiences earned them valuable recognition and allowed them to develop a unique expertise in the sector.
In 2016, we expanded our operations with the opening of a new office in Cabo Roig, and we established branches in Zurich, Switzerland, and Hamburg, Germany, to meet the needs of our growing international clientele. In 2019, we expanded our facilities in Cabo Roig, Orihuela Costa, and hired new collaborators, thus improving our capacity to serve our clients.

In 2023, we welcomed the next generation of Mevilla with the collaboration of Bernabé Carnicero Kunigk.

Today, Mevilla is a widely recognized name in the real estate world. We also hold a prominent place on the Internet, with a global reach on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Indeed, our YouTube channel is constantly growing and improving, with the aim of becoming one of the leading real estate channels in Europe.

The best part? This is just the beginning.


We understand that each euro you invest represents years of hard work and sacrifice, and we are committed to honoring that dedication by finding the best option for you at the fairest possible price.

We strive to build long-term relationships, focusing not only on closing a sale but on establishing a lasting partnership. Your satisfaction and trust are our highest priority; we value your recommendations to friends and family more than any amount of advertising.

We are proud to be part of the Orihuela Costa community and aspire to be your neighbors for the next 30 years and beyond. We are confident that when the time comes to buy or sell again, you will choose us again as your trusted agency.

If you are considering selling or buying a property in the Costa Blanca, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you.

Mevilla Our team

"Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." - Mattie Stepanek

At the heart of Mevilla, there is a team of diverse and talented individuals, ready to go the extra mile to ensure that all tasks are carried out with the utmost courtesy and sophistication. Experts in their respective fields, the Mevilla team is well-prepared and ready to take on any challenge, no matter how big. It is a true pleasure to introduce our team to you.

Olaf Kunigk
Antonio Caballero
Sales manager
Dimitri Kovalenko
Sales manager

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