The different steps of buying a property in Spain

Taxes and costs when buying a property in Spain

The decision of purchasing a property in Spain probably constitutes a big investment for you. A goal which you have been working for and dreaming of for many years.

Therefore, it is important to have the right partner alongside to realize your dream. The professional Team of Mevilla Real Estate SL accompanies you on the search of the right property as well as during and after the signature of the client in front of the notary.

In the following we would like to visualize the purchase transaction of a property in Spain:

  1. Budget

    It is important to know which amount of money is at your disposal for buying a property in Spain and to now which amount you do not want to exceed.

    For this, it is not only the Price of your dream house which is important but as well the cost involved buying a house.

    With pleasure we arrange a financing with or partner banks. Usually, Banks finance 60-70% of the worth of a holiday property.

    Here you reach the mortgage calculator.

  2. Search and decision of the right kind of property

    The location is as important as the kind of property. A general rule is: The nearer to the beach, the higher you can expect the level of prices. However, this is also a matter of other factors as the surrounding infrastructure. A villa in front line to a first-class golf course will probably achieve a similar Price as a house with sea view.

    Try to figure out a right compromise between size, location and kind of property: Apartment, townhouse or a villa? Directly in the front line or further inland? Living permanently at the Costa Blanca or only for holidays? To rent or to use for your own?

    With pleasure we help you looking for the perfect property and show you’re the best offers in each level of price and location. Fill out our contact formular or give us a call: 0034 606 046 275 / 0034 966 761 390.

  3. The decision

    After the decision for a concrete object is taken we will help you to find the right balance between the desired price of the seller and the price you are ready to pay.

    We will control all legal aspects to handle the purchase transaction as comfortable and easy as possible. We advise and support you to guarantee a full success of your investment.

  4. Evaluation / Mortgage

    If you want to finance the purchase, the bank has to do an evaluation of the property.

    After the clarification of the financing and when you know that you have got the right means, we will go on to the next stop.

  5. Purchase contract

    In the purchase contract, all details of sale and purchase are settled. Price, amount of down payment and the approximate notary appointment are held down.

    The down payment can up to 10% and is either payed to the account of the Broker or directly to the owner. The team of Mevilla develops since more than 15 years sales of all kinds in a professional, discrete and fast way.

    If you would like to have a lawyer by your side, we can recommend someone who will speak your language.

  6. Notary appointment and signature of the title deed

    In this act, buyer and seller officially declare their desire of purchase and sale, details are held down in the certificate if purchase (Escritura) and confirmed with signature. The notary controls the regularity of owners, the description and freedom of encumbrance. The method of payment is being held down as well as the manner of payment of costs and taxes.

    You will be attended by us and a lawyer.

  7. Change of supplies (water, electricity, SUMA etc)

    Since the purchase is completed, we take care of the re-registration of all important utility companies and the payment of future bills per direct debit. For example:

    • Re-registration of townhall tax (IBI or SUMA)
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Telephone
    • Insurance
    • Re-registration of the municipal tax
    • Alarm system
    • Gardener

    Also in the future we are there for you and all of our current and former clients to resolve all possible occurrences.

  8. And if, in further future, you would like to sell a property, we are sure that you will come back to use our service again.
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